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We are creating small-scale campus for willing individuals who want a mid- to long-term housing solution with the goal of providing a stable “foundation” from which an individual can move forward in body, mind, and spirit. To this end, healthy spirituality is essential. Jesus teaches us that even in abundance a person’s life does not consist of the things that they possess (Luke 12.15). Rather, the abundant life can only be experienced by those that have embarked on the Narrow Way of discipleship (John 10.10). We do not believe that a healthy “spiritual” life is an appendage that can be added onto an otherwise healthy life, nor can it be the means to that end. As we affirm the full humanity of each individual this must include the fact that they are moral and spiritual creatures. Our choices may not be the only, or even primary, reason we experience hardship, but our moral choices have a profound impact on how we deal with hardship and how we move on. In other words, we take responsibility seriously. Cultivate virtue; provide for your own needs; transform thinking; inherit the earth.

A long-form draft of this plan can be found here.

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